014 :: The Bluff

joplin photonovel chapter sixteen1 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen2 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen3 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen4 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen5 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen6joplin photonovel chapter sixteen16joplin photonovel chapter sixteen7 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen9 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen10 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen11 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen12joplin photonovel chapter sixteen13 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen17joplin photonovel chapter sixteen14b


“The Falls,” Maya was saying, “really was just like the painting I told you about.”

“Uncle?” Lee asked.


joplin photonovel chapter sixteen20


“What are you doing here? I tried to call you. Why do you have Mom’s phone?”


photonovel ch fourteen-2joplin photonovel chapter sixteen21joplin photonovel chapter sixteen23joplin photonovel chapter sixteen24


“Mike, why did you let them in?” Uncle Monroe asked.


joplin photonovel chapter sixteen25 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen26 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen27


“They’re not in,” Mike said. “Not by a longshot.”


joplin photonovel chapter sixteen22photonovel ch fourteen-3joplin photonovel chapter sixteen32joplin photonovel chapter sixteen33


“Mitch?” Maya asked.


joplin photonovel chapter sixteen34


“You know them?” Uncle Monroe asked.

“Nope,” Mitchell said.

“I love poker,” Lee said. “I’ll buy myself in.”


joplin photonovel chapter sixteen37


“Get my nephew back home, Mike, or at least off the property.”


joplin photonovel chapter sixteen38


“Home’s great, I’ll see Mom that way,” Lee said.

“Not my home, your home. Or hotel room or whatever. No visits today, not today Lee, of all days.”

“What?” Lee said. “Why… why didn’t you answer your phone today?”

Monroe asked, “You called?”

“Yes,” Lee said.

“Did you leave a message?”

Lee thought about it. “No.”

“Leave a message next time. Mike?”


photonovel ch fourteen-4 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen41 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen42 joplin photonovel chapter sixteen43 photonovel ch fourteen-5 photonovel ch fourteen-6


“That crap?”

“I see what you mean, yeah.”

“That’s why I skipped town. He controls everything. It got to where I couldn’t even go to my favorite places. Places like this.”

“So sorry, Lee.”

“I just want it to stop. I’m tired of fighting stupid battles with him that don’t mean anything.”

“Let’s check on Thulani,” Maya said. “After telling that story again he’s probably…”

“Yeah,” Lee said. “Yeah, okay.”

“And maybe get some sleep.”

“Alright, yeah. Sleep lots of sleep.””

“Not too much, we have to get up early.”

“For what?”

“We gotta go to the one place I wanted to avoid.”

“Where?” Lee asked.

“A church,” she said. “Keep an eye on the water fountains when we go. I might melt.”

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brought to you by the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau

photographed & directed by Mark Neuenschwander

written & directed by Lance Schaubert 

produced by Carrie Puffinbarger

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